Life Groups are where we do life together. We have lots of different groups that cater for all types of people, we have interest, study and social groups. We have other groups that pop up from time to time that reflect the present season.


If you are interested to join any of the life groups please contact the Liberty Office to find out more.  |  07 307 1055


Adult Groups




Mondays |  4:15pm 

Christian Surfers is for anyone and everyone, all ages and surfing abilities. Come and try out surfing for free (boards provided) and enjoy time and fellowship with others who enjoy the beach and the surf.

Ross Anderson

022 683 9933

West End | Ohope Beach




Mondays & Thursdays |  5:30pm 

This is a free 45 min circuit session that is run out of the Liberty Centre. It is a fitness circuit that suits all levels of fitness, all ages and genders. This is a life group designed  to help you get fit, while having fun.

Abby Bateson

027 308 7041

65 Wairaka Road | Whakatane




Monday |  7:30pm once a term

Pastors Grant and Abby Bateson host the connect course in their home, 3 Monday evenings each term. This is for anyone wanting to hear the church vision, values, culture, leadership, and areas you could serve in. 

Abby & Grant Bateson

027 308 7041

65 Wairaka Road | Whakatane

Friends Eating Dinner




Monday |  6.00pm fortnightly

This is a group that welcomes anyone on their spiritual journey. They begin with shared Kai/Potluck dinner, followed by worship, prayer and good conversations.



Liz Tamblyn

021 264 2434




Tuesday |  7:00pm 

A life group that welcomes anyone on their walk with Christ. Every term there is a different focus which is based around good discussions and great connection time. This group enjoys fellowship and food. 

Ross & Kerry-Anne Anderson

022 683 9833

14 Eruini Street | Ohope Beach




Tuesday |  7:00pm 

This is a group that welcomes anyone on their spiritual journey. They begin with supper and a time of fellowship. They usually have a study and discussion and once a term they do a life group fast. 

Kirsty O'Neill & Anj George

022 095 0113

15a Kiwi Street | Whakatane




Tuesday |  7:30pm 

This group enjoys praise and worship, prayer, a study and discussion. They are spirit lead and holy spirit focused. They enjoy supper together and a time of fellowship at the end of the evening.  

John & Rachael Whelan

021 0234 1027

3 Muriwai Terrace | Whakatane




Wednesday |  7:30pm 

A life group where good connections are made and great fellowship happens. Anyone is welcome to join this life group. The group generally involves a study and discussion, with prayer and supper. 

Alan & Christine O'Neill

07 307 1919

39 Lord Cobham Avenue | Whakatane




Thursday |  7:30pm 

A life group where friendships are made and support is given. Every week they enjoy doing a study/DVD together which leads to a group discussion and prayer. They finish with supper and fellowship. 

Jon & Bev Martin

07 308 8697

28 Omega Place | Coastlands




Wednesday |  6.00pm fortnightly

This group welcomes anyone wanting to connect, have fun and enjoy some God time together. They do a study together and discussion followed by prayer. They enjoy supper at the end of the evening.

Tom & Jenny McDowall

021 265 4618

73 Goulstone Road | Whakatane




Thursday |  monthly via Zoom

This group gets together once a month via zoom to encourage each other and share scripture that they have been memorising during the weeks leading up to meeting. They welcome anyone who is wanting to memorise scripture.

Helen Habgood

021 210 7911

65 Wairaka Road | Whakatane




Sunday | 3:00pm fortnightly

The group meets regularly on Sundays during the school term. Baby sitters are on site allowing parents to be a part of study that they are doing for that day. They often meet around food and fellowship.

Ken & Helen Habgood

021 210 7911

66 Fishermans Drive | Coastlands







Monday |  10:00am fortnightly

This group welcomes all ladies 

wanting to connect and grow in relationship with each other and God. They enjoy doing a study together, 

having discussions and prayer. It is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

Jan Bell

07 308 6906

24 Peace street | Whakatane



Monday |  7:30pm fortnightly

This group is for ladies who are wanting to connect, enjoy fellowship and to support one another. They 

enjoy doing a small study together and having a prayer time, along with supper. 

Esther Nielsen

021 164 3095

154 James Street | Whakatane

Ohope Ladies


Wednesday |  9.00am weekly


"Living the best life together".

This group is all about building friendships, having fun, drinking  coffee, doing bible studies, encouraging each other and praying for one another.

Jan Thomas

027 548 9761

162 Pohutukawa Ave | Ohope Beach

Hour of



Thursday |  12:00pm

This is a ladies prayer group that meets once a week during the term for a powerful hour of prayer. We start by asking of any prayer needs, having a song of worship and then a time of praying together.  

Abby Bateson

027 308 7041

65 Wairaka Road | Whakatane

Out &



2nd Tuesday of Every Month

This is a ladies social group which is purely for fellowship, fun and friendship. Every month they do something different, whether it be lunch at a cafe or a shopping trip to Tauranga. Lots of fun and laughs are had.

Isabel Comiskey

021 131 2267

65 Wairaka Road | Whakatane




Prayer & 


Thursdays |  6:00am

This is a men's prayer group that meets once a week during the term for a powerful hour of prayer. We start with worship and then pray together. We go for coffee afterwards to connect at a local cafe for our caffeine fix.

Grant Bateson

027 483 5268

65 Wairaka Road | Whakatane